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HA! Like I'm telling You!
United States
Welcome to the wonderful world of the Mzulft of Mzark the Herokiller. I consider myself a Master of Headcanon and fan theories. But I could always use more ideas.

Current Residence: Cleveland
Favourite genre of music: Rap/Hip hop
Favourite style of art: Sexy/Actiony/Funny....I don't really Art so uh...
Favourite cartoon character: If you can't tell, it's Avatar Korra.

I'm not the nicest or uh, tactful guy sometimes and I do not regret that. But I do mean well and I hope that one day we can all get along.

Oh and I hate the name too, but I can't change it!
For the last few months, I've heard so much about how Korra is the worst Avatar ever. A brat, more concerned with boys and herself than the rest of the world. I watched Season 1 again and again, and I swear that she never came off as a complete jerk or a blowhard or even a manstealer. She barely bragged, and yeah, she was hotheaded, but for God's sakes she's a teenager. Since when is a teenager expected to act like an enlightened monk? And any bragging she did do, well she IS the most powerful bender on Earth. This is a fact. She never stole Mako, he just became a complete *beep* and dumped Asami. And, I don't get how or why anyone could blame her for the Deus Aang Machina in 'Endgame'. How is it her fault that some terrorist took her bending? 

Season 2, yeah she was flanderized to be a huge brat. But even then, I could still understand. She just found out her Uncle is evil, her Hometown is about to be annihilated, no one on Earth seems willing to help and above all else, freaking Spirits are threatening to cause Armageddon. No one seems to think about what she's going through, they're just constantly comparing her to Aang. She can never be like Aang, no one can be like Aang. Aang is Aang. 

Oh yeah, and people call her a an idiot for siding with Unalaq over Tenzin or Tonraq. What those people don't seems to get though is that she has no reason to hate or even distrust her uncle at that point, meanwhile her two mentors had just admitted to keeping her locked up in the South Pole. Up until he unveiled the fleet, Unalaq seemed like he was a wise and powerful as they come. 

You know what I realized about the Avatar relationship between Aang and Korra? It's literally impossible for Korra to be a better Avatar than Aang, or even good compared to him. By age 13, Aang basically created a world spanning government that ensured peace even past his death. And in 17 years all Korra's done is stop a somewhat minor uprising in Republic City. Stopping Vaatu is literally the only thing that can put her on the map as a great Avatar. Since only one other human has eve done that. 

And oh my God, people who compare her to Wan are just the worst. Wan was devised as the perfect person. The ideal Avatar. No one can live up to what he's done, least of all Korra. The only time I can say that she truly seemed insufferable was when she was talking to the President. 

But above all else, I think having to exaggerate Korra's worst traits just to have a reason to Introduce Wan is some bad writing. 

I'm not trying to sound like a Special Snowflake or anything. But I don't get how I can sympathize with Korra when no one else can. But between you and me, everyone on Deviantart, I really think it's people just being unpleasable and not being able to get over TLA. And if not that, then they just take out there anger at the series on the title character.


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Rainbow Dash has always been best pony. You've always been talentless shitty artist. Now go kill yourself you faggot waste of oxygen.
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Yeah, I am a horrible artist.
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((Thanks for the Watch! Hope you'll enjoy my Gallery and her RPs if you'll ever do one with her! ^^))
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*Username is "Herokiller" has Cell as an icon*

:iconnotbadplz: Very legit and close to the truth....
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tis true
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El Churo says hi.

El Churo says bye.
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Have fun being blocked, prick.
JonnhyCox Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
I can guarantee you I'm not the only person that looked at that image with disgust. Blocking me won't change anything, you can't hide from the truth. If you ever want to become an actually good artist you better stop incorporating fetish shit into your work and don't let your friends upload on your account.
Tyrannuss555 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
there's more lore in my destiny folder
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